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You need to bear with me: English is not my first language. I was born in Israel in 1950. I am, in part, a product of the New York City public school system. I became a United States citizen when I was 15. I have lived in San Luis Obispo County since 1977. I have two children and one granddaughter. I have served as a Director for the Cambria Community Services District from 2000-2008.

My Practice

Since 1979, my practice has been virtually solo. I will continue in this mode until I retire or as some call it, death. I love my profession and I take it personally. I want to help but I will not accept any case if I feel the attorney/client relationship will not blossom. I am mindful that non-engagement is more acceptable than a divorce. I assure you that a hefty retainer is not a carte blanche into my practice. The best relationships never rest on a pecuniary foundation. Yet, I recognize that a good foundation is not cheap.

Now some disclosures. I will not accept a case if I feel that I am "too busy" to give it my best efforts. On the other hand, my working hours are, by most standards, insane. Thus, I prioritize my time. For example, some clients demand an immediate or close to immediate return call. Unfortunately, I am unable to promptly return all calls because, simply stated, I am "too busy" to promptly return all calls. My staff is specifically trained to take complete messages. In my over thirty years experience, no client's case has ever suffered because I failed to promptly return a telephone call or e-mail.

Please understand that I am not your brother, father, friend nor spiritual advisor. My advice and legal guidance will be predicated upon my best judgment and the client's full understanding of the relevant facts and strategies. It must be so, for it is the client that executes all major decisions of a case.

My attorney/client relationship demands complete honesty. If you cannot deliver it, I will either not accept the case or, if already retained, will withdraw swiftly.

Retainers & Fees

My retainers are often quoted on a "per case" basis. Trials are billed on an hourly basis. Complex cases can incorporate both types of billings. The written retainer agreement will specify the nature of the fee agreement. If the fee is contemplated to be $1,000.00 or above, you are absolutely entitled to a written fee agreement. If I inadvertently fail to provide you one, please bring it to my attention promptly.
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